Monday, June 11, 2012

Newsflash: We're All Going To Die

I love Colorado. I really do. What I really don't love about it is the terrifying wildfires that have been skimming very very close to Fort Collins.

The most current one, the High Park Fire, is not only bigger than the entire city of Fort Collins, but it's 0% contained so far. Oh, did I mention that I can see it making its way toward my house? Yeah. Amazing. I know I probably shouldn't be freaking out right now, but I am. I just took a look at the map
, and it's headed toward MY side of town first!
Anyway, I'm used to tornado weather, not crazy fires. The weather is fantastic, and I guess I'm pretty angry that I can't visit the reservoir (closer to the fire).

A really cool part of wildfires is the sunshine... The sun is blood red in the evening, and all of the smoke makes it look like a huge, looming apocalypse.


In other news, Olive caught a bird yesterday. I was really surprised, because she's barely fast enough to catch bees. The awful part is that it didn't die when she caught it. We had our friend put the little guy to rest, but it was still sad for me.

the poor thing was so pretty :(

maybe i'll be able to write about something less depressing later on in the week. perhaps project updates? unless, that is, my house burns to the ground


Chelsea, Arlo, and Olive

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  1. I live in Colorado too..I hope you and your house stay safe.