Sunday, March 4, 2012

Crawling Out Of The Shell

Hello, world! I've finally come out of my writing cave for a little bit. I guess the appropriate thing to do would be to state my intentions with you, blogspot...

I used to have a blog that I loved a lot, but it was really just a way for me to get my frustrations out to any eye that would read them. This, I feel, should mean a little bit more.

Since my old blog I've (in no particular order)
1. had a baby
2. lost habits
3. developed new habits
4. been on life-changing adventures
5. met people of all shapes, colors, sizes, patterns, etc.
6. learned from my mistakes
7. purchased a sewing machine, $200 worth of hand dyed wool yarn, and (probably) thousands of dollars worth of other supplies for no reason other than to make things... because that's what I've always loved to do. so i guess achievement number 7 would be- learned enough about myself to know what makes me happy.

People have told me that I could probably sell the things I make, but I haven't, really. It takes a long time for someone to figure out their target market, their favorite/most popular things to make, etc. etc. etc.
Business is business, and I've still got to figure out my business.

In the meantime, though, enjoy posts about:
Natural Parenting
Home Makeovers
... Why no politics? Well, I piss people off too much- also that doesn't really fit in with the other categories. However, most people know that I can't really keep my mouth shut, so look for a political blog soon.

LOVE, chelsea

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  1. Once a fan, always a fan! Welcome back to the world of blog! I'll be following you for sure!