Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some Honesty

Kaelah at little chief honeybee just inspired me to be honest. 
I know that I have absolutely no following on here as of today, but that's okay. 

I want, so badly, to be able to work from home.
I want to create cute little cuddlies that people will love.
I want to be able to sell things
and write things that people will read.
I want to be successful in my own way...



I'm afraid that people won't like the things I make. I'm afraid that I won't seem as unique and eccentric as I know I am. I'm afraid that I will give up on my dream.



Isn't that the only reason why people fail? If I just work hard and do what I love, I feel that things will work out ultimately. It's nice to show people the happy side of life, because nobody just wants to read about how depressing everything is (at least not ALL of the time), but we just need to be honest. Honest with everyone. That's not to say that when you're expressing happiness via a blog entry or what have you, that it's a lie. I think it's a way to keep your chin up during a hard time. Finding the happiness in life is a skill sometimes, and everyone should practice to keep that skill fine tuned.
I don't feel that life is always easy. I'm sure nobody does.
So, make it a goal to just be completely raw and honest sometimes. When you're feeling down and out- write about it. It'll make you feel a lot better, I promise.

I love you, world.


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