Thursday, August 16, 2012

Autumn/Winter Wish List

I know, I know... wishful thinking, right? The weather here in lovely Colorado has been getting NICE and chilly at night time <3
Anyway, I have some things that i just WAAAAAANNNNT. :)
Perhaps I will get them, perhaps not. we've all got small goals, right?

 1. Custom Slouchy Cupcake Hat by Twinkie Chan I WANT CARROT CAKE <3

2.THIS coat I found while browsing through e-bay last night

Short, Sandy Uggs! When Uggs first became popular, I really thought they were dumb. Mostly because girls would wear them with sweatpants. It's the ultimate White Girl outfit, teehee. Anyway, it's friggin COLD in Colorado during the winter. The evening I gave birth to Arlo, it was -7 degrees out!!! The wind is what gets you, though. What I'm trying to say is that my toes almost fell off last year, and i'd like to protect them. I'm also justifying this purchase-to-be because I am going to buy them used. Maybe not TOO used, but used enough to not look brand new :3


in life:
things are going well...
working from home is starting to pay off, and i'm happy. i'm so blessed and in SUCH good spirits that i get to work AND spend time with my son. <3

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