Friday, August 17, 2012

There Will Be Rest In The Hereafter

(idk where I found this picture, and I know it's about cavities, not teething, but it's CUTE)

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Canine, Mr. and Mr. Bicuspid, and Mrs. and Mrs. Molar,

You are cordially invited to get the hell out of my son's gums. You will get lots of fun gummy brushings, and will get to enjoy the company of lots of dog food that sneaks in, as well as many organic yummy fruits and vegetables. Even  some boobie time! (Sorry Mr. and Mr. Bicuspid
- I know you aren't into that sort of thing) Please RSVP ASAP, because I'm REALLY EXCITED TO MEET YOU! SERIOUSLY. YOU HAVE NO CLUE.


Arlo's mom.

I am so sick of teething already, and there are NO TEETH yet... UGH.

I have been so busy with work, trying to help Arlo's tears go away, school, craft projects, and personal problems>> i haven't been able to try out any new teething methods! so far it's just been Hyland's teething tablets/gel( Teething Gel - 0.5 oz (14.7 ml) (Google Affiliate Ad) )and cold things. popsicles, frozen rubber duckies, teething rings, and any other toy we can toss in the freezer... it helps, but I need some suggestions for other things. Natural Mamas, HELP!!!

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